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Lilies paiting
30 Dec 2011

Painting by artist Maria Melenchuk! More details of this painting coming soon. Get to know Maria Melenchuk better by reading more...

Most of my familymembers are "good with their hands" as we say in finnish. We all build and fix things. Few unknown painters too.

In school I selected lots of art programs - some teachers were really demanding, which tho brought out the best quality in my work.

While living in Taiwan I ran into a local artist called Yu Su Chun - Emily as I call her- who helped me a lot. Giving me the confidance and teaching me a lot of new tecniques. ´m really thankful to her! My painting career has really kicked off since that.

Would you be interested of aquiring one of my paintings or would you like to commission me to make a new painting for you according to your wishes. Please contact me from the contact page and I will get back to you soonest!

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Maria Melenchuk

Maria is a impressionistic oilpaiter known for her peaceful style. She wants to offer people a painting that is worth seeing day after day for years to come. Painting that inspires them, makes them calm and that they can find ne aspects they didn't notice at first - a ceterpiece of the room. 

Maria studied art with some famous artists. She knew that she wanted to work with oilcolors and instead of rolling into a artschool, she found a Master and was taught by them at their studio for 6 years. 

Maria sells her work in a gallery in Taipei (Taiwan) and some coffee shops and restaurants in China and Finland. 

Her paintings have been bought by clients from many different countries. Some for their house, some for offices and public spaces.  Read more...