30 Dec 2011

Last year my friend was going through some tough times so we decided to pick up some plastic fruit and flowers and set them for still life paintings. On the way home, I must have dropped one of the pears, I had three to start with. So for that reason, there is only 2 pears in this painting. And once I had painted the pears I asked her "what color for the backround?" she said "blue of course". I was wondering for a bit, it wasnt such a "of course" for me, but then I thought, she must really know my paintings backround must be blue. So I finished it and showed it. Whe then asked "what's with the blue?" I said "you told me to paint it blue!" all this time whe was talking about her own painting!! So she painted a bluebackround painting with orange flowers and I with my pears. 

This painting is done with a knife I only used  brush for minor details. 


Size 50x50cm. Price> 300e, 380$, 2400RMB, 6600TWD


Would you be interested of aquiring one of my paintings or would you like to commission me to make a new painting for you according to your wishes. Please contact me from the contact page and I will get back to you soonest!

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Maria Melenchuk

Maria is a impressionistic oilpaiter known for her peaceful style. She wants to offer people a painting that is worth seeing day after day for years to come. Painting that inspires them, makes them calm and that they can find ne aspects they didn't notice at first - a ceterpiece of the room. 

Maria studied art with some famous artists. She knew that she wanted to work with oilcolors and instead of rolling into a artschool, she found a Master and was taught by them at their studio for 6 years. 

Maria sells her work in a gallery in Taipei (Taiwan) and some coffee shops and restaurants in China and Finland. 

Her paintings have been bought by clients from many different countries. Some for their house, some for offices and public spaces.  Read more...

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 Artist painter Maria Melenchuk I was born in Finland, in the city of Lappeenranta - city full of lakes and forrests. Growing up I spent most of my time going between home and seeing uncles and auntie, grandmother and great auntie. This is how I learned to drink coffee at a very early age - I really miss the way my great auntie made a cup of "kohvi"!!.Read more About me

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