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Maria Melenchuk


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oil on canvas 2014

oil on canvas 20x30cm

oil on canvas 20x30cm.

oil on canvas 20x30cm. 

Oil on canvas 20x30cm. 

20x30x3cm. oli on canvas. 

20x20x3cm. Oil on canvas. 

30x40x2cm. oil on canvas. 


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This is for my animal series, animals with a mission. There are millions of paintings of cats, but as I am not obsessed about cats, I didn't want to paint just any picture of a cat. Here is my cat picture. 

This oilpainting of a Crow is from Paris, under the Eiffel tower last September. He was walking around there like he owned the place, not caring what was going on around him. Thats why the foot and the beak are out of the picture, like he doesn't even care if he makes it to a painting or not. 


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This yellow backround and the blue backround paintings with berch on them were made around the same time. I couldnt decide on the backround color, so I decided to do one each. I like both equally.

This painting of a seagull was a study I did on the shape, shading and texture. Summer and seagulls always go together and I want to paint more of them in the future. I have to say i have had my angry moments with those birds too, if you have them where you come from, you know what I'm talking about. For some time, we worked as managers for a estate on a island in Helsinki. The seagulls desided to nest there. These birds are protected in Finland, but the land was owned by Korea, and the residents wanted to get rid of the nest. BIt of a dilemma!! Once they had nested and left the nest, we got rid of the nests they and built on our roof. But for the early summer they were like any teenagers on the yard...looked like they were throwing parties when mom and dad were not at home! I guess all teenagers are the same!!

These paintings of Berch were made for stydying the way to paint fish. If I paint fish it has to be berch. This is something I grew up fishing at our lake.


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Hello... I Am Maria


A little about me

 Artist painter Maria Melenchuk I was born in Finland, in the city of Lappeenranta - city full of lakes and forrests. Growing up I spent most of my time going between home and seeing uncles and auntie, grandmother and great auntie. This is how I learned to drink coffee at a very early age - I really miss the way my great auntie made a cup of "kohvi"!!.Read more About me

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