Field painting

on: 30 December 2010

THis painting was ispired by Monet's Dutch landscapes.I've copied many of his work and what impresses me about Monet is that he didn't waste any of his colors on his palette. He has this "antique-pink" in most of his paintings. This is the left over color, when you mix the pinks and the grays on the palette. The man was a genius!! So this painting is my Dutch fieds, with rye flowers.

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 Artist painter Maria Melenchuk I was born in Finland, in the city of Lappeenranta - city full of lakes and forrests. Growing up I spent most of my time going between home and seeing uncles and auntie, grandmother and great auntie. This is how I learned to drink coffee at a very early age - I really miss the way my great auntie made a cup of "kohvi"!!.Read more About me

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