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Dear All,


Greetings from Vancouver Island! My husband and I have been visiting family in Canada for the last two weeks here in B.C. When I was preparing for the trip I was reminding myself "remember to take pictures of like the Japanese!!" And that is what I´ve done. So far I have taken over 1000 pictures. This is all because of the beutiful things I´ve seen along the way.

Last weekend we went camping to Gabriola Island. We spent two nights there, driving around the island, taking long walks and meeting local people.

Gabriola Island becomes alive during the summer with all the visitors and summer residents coming to enjoy the nature and fresh air.
I knew that all these Islands are full of artists but meeting them personally was  still a wonderful experience. I met photographers, painters, chocolatiers, wood carvers, metal workers all doing what they do and enjoying it. This to me is very inspiring and helps to keep making my art as I do.

This week Campbell River city has a wood carving competition with about 15 different artist competing for a title. Last years winner carved a spider, so lets see what this years winner will present! I saw them working on their pieces yesterday, the sawdust and motorsaw exhaust in the air was not covering the inspiration and creativity that any passer by stopped to admire. I have to say "tsai-yo" to all of them! (chinese for: keep up the good work)

I have had a opportunity this week to meet some of the rare local animals. On the way back from Gabriola Island we saw Killer Whales passing through our path. Everyone on that ferry came out of their cars and took pictures. I couldn´t bother for photos, this was the first time I was able to see these inscredible animals in their own enviroment.

The next morning I was looking out from our window and wondering about a man wolking to the beach with his dog and a bucket. He dumpped the inside of the bucket on the beach. In few seconds the seagulls were excited and totally going for the fish carcasses. In a short while we saw more and more birds heading that way, with bald head eagles and even a golden eagle bothered himself to show up for a easy treat.

I ran out with my camera, and forgot to thank that wonderful dog-walker for the great photo opportunity hea had given me.

I got the best pictures ever, I was able to stan just few meters away from such rare birds. I posted the best of these photos here:


I was able to go to visit a farm earlier, met this beautiful calf on the picture. I hope this picture will give you a same smile as I had taking pictures of him!


Have a great day!






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Dear All,


Last month after my art show we took a trip back to Finland for few weeks. It was the best time to go back. When we arrived, the land was still covered with snow, but spring was totally in the air. We saw the ice melt of the sea in just a day or two. I never appreciated all those things when I lived there. All I wanted was the summer to start and getting rid of my wintercoat and heavy boots.

So far we have been back for 2 weeks. It is amazing how different the weather can be in two ends of the world. It's 33c and humid, with afternoon dump of  rain and thunder. with weather like that all you want to do is nothing. Get your book out and read in aircunditioned room.

My students are keeping me painting tho. They are eager as ever to continue learning. With Nicole, we are working on Picasso's Girl with a pigeon from 1901. One of my ultimate favorite paintings. Picasso as a person or his later production does not interest me. I love his early production, the innocense and talent that he was developing, time before his women. Maybe that's is what is lacking in the art world. Innocense is taken away too fast. I need to give that more thought, maybe one day I will have a proper theory about it.

Back to my trip to Europe, this picture is from my family's yard in Sweden, beautiful sunset on one evening. Lets say, the cat really enjoys it ;)




Thank you so much coming to see my site! Lat time I mentioned about my art show coming up on the 29th. So, I want to tell a bit what to expect. 


This picture of the rowboat will be there, few of the ones that I have posted here from last year aswell. But I will have about 10 new pieces that I will not show here before the show. But as the name of the show is Sincerity of a Moment, these paintings will be  peaceful landscapes. Some of them are something totally different that I've ever painted, but still my signature pieces. 


Let me know if you will be near by and would like to attend, leave me a note and I will send you a official invite ( if there is space on the opening night).


Also, on the 20th (the next day) I will have a workshop in the same space (alive@). You can come and try if there is a little painter in you that can be discovered!! Just bring  a creative mind and  clothes that you don't mind getting bit dirty! ( a fee for materials )


I howe you are having a beautiful spring too and drop me a line sometime!




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