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Thank you for coming by again to see my art! For the past month time has flied. Chinese new year is a strange time of the year. Noone is working for  3-4 weeks during that time, and nothing gets done. It is like the whole nation just takes off.  Well, for me the free time ment work. I was busy making  some new pieces for my up-coming Art Show. This will be held in Alive@ in Redtory. It is a old factory area that has been changed into a very hip art district. We are arranging for drinks, snacks, live music by some really talented musicians and lots of interesting people to meet. So it will be a great night for art, live music and meeting interesting people. If you are near by during this time, please leave your contacts, I will be sending invitations ASAP.


Best wishes, 




Last weekend I spent at the Guangzhou International Art Fair talking to lots of people, collecters, art-lovers, gallery-owners and other artists. If I met you there, Thank you so much for coming to check out my web-site!!

It was a beautiful weekend, and it was nice to spend it with people who  have love for the same thing. We had lots of local artists and Galleries represeting artists - most of them working with Chinese watercolors, but also some incredibly talented oilpainters! There were also some forreign galleries and handful of artists from France and Monaco. 

Over all it was nice to meet so many talented people and people that appreciate what we do. 


Here are some of the people and Gallery-owners I met:

Huang Zhi Fu Gallery, Guangzhou

Lizzy Forrester,

Orange Gallery, Guangzhou

Galerie Europ'art, Shanghai

Jean Pierre Vong, Painter, Sculpturer, France

Ming Dian Art, TW

West Coast Galleries, Amby Mao

Chali Rosso Art Gallery, Vancouver

Jean Michel Stanislas Garczynski, France

Auy Liu, Secretary General of China Artist Association, Guangdong Branch

Red Dot Gallery, Guangzhou

Boun Fine Art Space,

Art Russia Galleries, Harbin/Guangzhou

Anny Blaise Resnik, Atelier 26, Valence, France

Pure Land Gallery, Mr. Huang, Guangzhou

Mr Hu, Beijing

Mark Blechman, ABA America's Best Auctioneer, Internationa Purveyor of Fine art, CT, U.S.A

Sancai Gallery, Guangzhou,

Rus Art Surprise, Ukrain

Art Courtyard, Qingdao

Sea Hai hui Art Space, Guangzhou

Yu Chun Art, Suzhou

Lian Huatao, Guangzhou, China

Zhong Chang Chun, Guangdong, China

Youhong Gallery, Zhouzhuang Town, (Mission Impossible filming city) China

Bui Van Quang, Nha Trang, Vietnam


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