Maria Melenchuk

Maria Melenchuk

Maria is a impressionistic oilpaiter known for her peaceful style. She wants to offer people a painting that is worth seeing day after day for years to come. Painting that inspires them, makes them calm and that they can find ne aspects they didn't notice at first - a ceterpiece of the room. 

Maria studied art with some famous artists. She knew that she wanted to work with oilcolors and instead of rolling into a artschool, she found a Master and was taught by them at their studio for 6 years. 

Maria sells her work in a gallery in Taipei (Taiwan) and some coffee shops and restaurants in China and Finland. 

Her paintings have been bought by clients from many different countries. Some for their house, some for offices and public spaces.  Read more...

Girl by the River 2013

on 04 December 2013

This painting of the little blond girl is a series of this same girl. She modelled for me 2 years ago and I have been slowly finishing these paitings. 

Size: 19x26.5cm 800RMB, 100e

Porvoo 2013

on 04 December 2013

This is one of my landscape mini paintings. I love this area, so it is easy to paint it. 

Size 15.5x23cm. Price: 100e

August 2013

on 21 August 2013

Dear All,


Since I have been back home it has been a slow start to my painting. I was hoping to get tons of pictures for painting ideas. I took about 2000 pictures on my trip. But my heart is not in North America. I can´t paint, if I dont  feel it.


So, back to my ideas and photos from Europe!


I have been painting some for my art show at Majurska, Lappeenranta, Finland. I got  all July 2014 for my show there. Majurska is the most popular Cafe in Lappeenranta  and most likely the whole south-east corner of Finland. It serves the best tea and all hand made cakes you can ever dream of! I went there last spring and my mom and my uncle started to chat with the owner and organized a show for me for July! I owe them a nice dinner when we open the show!


I have couple of other leads for  other shows, I will post them here once we have signed the contracts.


When I decided to make my hobby into a job, I had no idea how much other things than painting is involved. People think that it is so nice just to paint for work - but it is so much more! I´ve never written so many e-mails and learned to use computers and doing things with it that I never dremt of. (I built my first website by myself!) But now I am hoping to find a art agent with knowledge of Chinese market. If you know of someone or you have some experience, even willing to give it a go - please contact me!!


If you have any ideas or suggestions, drop me a line, I really apreciate all the feedback!!


But, lets have a amazing fall and create some masterpieces!!


Ciao for now!









Hello... I Am Maria


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 Artist painter Maria Melenchuk I was born in Finland, in the city of Lappeenranta - city full of lakes and forrests. Growing up I spent most of my time going between home and seeing uncles and auntie, grandmother and great auntie. This is how I learned to drink coffee at a very early age - I really miss the way my great auntie made a cup of "kohvi"!!.Read more About me

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