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Hi to you all, 


For us painters, painting is not a thing we do everyday. Sometimes we need to explore and look for new ideas. This is what I did most of last summer and bit into this fall too. Now, for the last few weeks, I have been putting pictures in order and started working on the best of them. 

I have a line of still lifes coming. This summer I was sitting in Majurska (oldfashioned coffee house in Lappeenranta, Finland) and sipping my tea and eating the best berriepies you can get in all of Finland. I noticed the white lilies on a vase on the table. They were so delicate in the sunlight, so plain, but yet so beautiful. I started to take pictures of that vase of lilies turning it  just a tap between shots. I decided that there and then that this is what I'm going to do this fall, paint some basic still life like the good old artists. 

I have few of them finished already, followed by some with  roses too. 


I have also couple of new portraits finishing up. One of my mom and another of my great aunt, Olga Maria. Once I get the finishing touches on them, I will post them.  I've loved working on the portraits, it makes me push my skills to the limits, hoping to exceed.


Please if you have any nice pictures or you want to get painted or if you'd like to get a portrait of yourself, do send me a picture - I'm looking for a new challenge!!


Oh, and I did finish a copy of Edelfelt's famous painting, well, not all of it, but the cute kids playing with the sand in Luxemburg's park (Luxemburgin puisto). I love them, I might just keep them to myself!! They are so cute I could just squeeze them!!


Best wishes to you all, 



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Hi Everyone!

I hope you've had a great summer! When I look at my calendar,  I realize it's actually fall already in most areas. For us here in China, it's still summer!

TThis summer we were in Finland again. I got there just when the apple trees were blooming and got good pictures of those. I photographed my mom's garden from spring to the summer and finally when the apples ripened on the trees. 

Also I got some good pictures of some familymembers just the way I want to paint portraits of them. I have started some already, I'll be adding them as soon as I will be putting the last layer of paint on them. 

For the last week I have seen so many interesting looking chinese people. I've kept my camera with me and boldly took pictures of the ones I liked. Most of them were so old they might have not noticed. I love when people are not looking into the camera, these turn into the best portraits!


So, a fall full of new projects, couple of galleries here in our town have promised to take on my paintings, I'm hoping to have a great start for this season. 


If you have any suggestions or ideas, please contact me, I'd love to hear from you!



Best wishes, 





Thank you so much to take the time to check my paintings. You might have wondered why I have such a vary of different themes in my work. It comes from my backround. Let me tell you a little about myself. I moved to Estonia when I was 15 with my parents. I spent the next 7 years there. Then after some time in Finland again, we headed out to Taiwan and China. There we have been living for the past 9 years. So, being a little up-rooted and restless I have been painting a lot of what I've loved, weather it is from where I'm from, or what became my home. But in all of my work I've had a deep feeling, weather it is longing of a season or the nature or then seeing how passionately people do what they love.

One famous finnish artist once commented on my paintings and said that " you use un-finnish-like-colors". I asked him is that a good thing  or a bad thing? He said that it's very good, he said that those colors make my paintings happy. Most paintors from Finland paint very melancholy subjects with using gray, blue and green. Ok, I understand, those a great colors, but when the weather is blue and grey most of the time, why make everyone so sad with paintings like that!  I dont understand why a paintings has to be a therapy session and why would anyone want to purchase that and hang it on their wall?? But if this is what you like and are longing for, thats good too!

So, for my reasons, I've always wanted to paint happy and peaceful paintings. Learning from the greatest paintors of all time helps to refine skills and to learn new tecniques.  I really apreciate the peacefulness of Monet's paintings. I love the colors Van Gough used. And Repin's portraits - wow! 


Please, leave a comment and don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested of one or more of my paintings. 




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